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automatic apt-get


I've to remotely upgrade 100 systems from hamm to slink (As soon as slink is
stable). All systems have the same packages installed and are configured in
the same way. 

The upgrade should work automatically without any questions.
The problem is that some packages ask interactive questions.

I've therefore written an expect-script to answer the questions.
This script uses a config-file with 5 columns: 
PackageName Version ConfigFile Question Answer.

If you run the script first time, the config-file is probably empty. In this
case the script prints out the Question and exits.

You can now fill in the answer in the config-file and run the script again.
If all answers are in the config-file, the script runs automatically.

The script seems to work for me (I'm still working to improve some parts of
it). But I think it is not tested good enough and probably not designed well
enough to handle all conditions and to put it in an official deb-package.

Is somebody else working on the same topic? 

Bernd Schumacher

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