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Re: -rpath with libtool and Debian Linux

On Jan 27, 1999, Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> wrote:

> Therefore, we chose to solve that particular problem (the libc5-6
> transition) by moving libraries around, knowing that our linker was up to
> the job.

It is now clear that it is not. :-(

> rpath is broken.  You said as much yourself.  rpath is broken because it
> *overrides* all other sorts of library searching.

But isn't overriding library searching exactly what the ld.so hack is
doing?  Why is one of those blessed for doing that, while the other is 
crucified for guilt of all the sins of the world? :-)

>> > However, our dynamic linker *does* understand the problem.  And it *does*
>> > have a solution to it.  And -rpath turns it off.  So we cannot afford to
>> > use -rpath.

>> As I have already pointed out, the solution is not complete, otherwise 
>> you'd not be observing any problem.

> What do you mean the solution is not complete?

It does not replace /usr/lib with /usr/lib/libc5:/usr/lib in the
rpath.  That's what is causing you trouble, not the fact that /usr/lib 
is hard-coded in the program.

> It works.  It works well.

If it worked well you wouldn't be complaining about a problem that is
caused by its incomplete behavior, but that could be avoided by
modifying other pieces of software that are doing their jobs

Alexandre Oliva  http://www.dcc.unicamp.br/~oliva  aoliva@{acm.org}
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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