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Re: -rpath with libtool and Debian Linux

Previously Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> Good analogy.  What's happening here is that Debian is placing the red
> lable on the cold water tap.  I.e., they're replacing a library with
> an incompatible version of it, and getting in trouble because some
> programs are now getting cold water where they expected hot water.

No, what Debian (and RH and probably other distributions) do is
exchanging the two taps, there is no messing with labels involved since
the dynamic linker needs those to determine which library to use.

> When you moved libc5-compatible libraries from /usr/lib to
> /usr/lib/libc5, you established a rule that, if any program was linked 
> with libc5, it should look for libraries in /usr/lib/libc5 first,

No, what we did was making libc6 libraries the default since the linker
uses stuff in /usr/lib. The dynamic linker doesn't really care about the
order, it just uses the first library that it sees for will work with
the appplication (ie libc5/libc6 check and soname check). But you
override the dynamic linkers' safe choice by using rpath..


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