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Re: agreeing with the DFSG (was Re: non-free --> non-dfsg)


On 19-Jan-99 Ossama Othman wrote:
> My concern is that Debian is becoming (almost) elitist.  Some people are
> flat out saying "conform or get out," in a sense.  Is this really a
> healthy attitude for Debian to have?  I am not trying to create some sort
> of Debian revolution or upheaval.  I am merely expressing my opinions, as
> unpopular as they may be.  It is unfortunate that people sometimes
> respond harshly when there is no need to so.

Just because *some* of the people are acting "elitist" doesn't mean Debian is
heading that way.  In any organization, there are going to be a percentage of
people who take the "conform or get out" attitude and some of those will even
be vocal.  That happens in every group from Debian to regligion to politics. 
They aren't (necessarily) the ones that matter.  The people who matter are the
handful or so that are active "above and beyond".  Out of the well over 300
(it's somewhere between 380 and 450) developers we have in Debian, about 80
voted in the constitution election.. Not even that many have voted (yet) in the
leadership election.  These are the people who set the true tone of Debian and
it's policy.  When the majority of these people act elitist... do we have to be
worried about Debian being elitist.

> If used properly, diversity of opinion should only help Debian.  Those
> with opinions that differ from the mainstream should not be branded
> "heretics" or encouraged to leave.

Don't let a few vocal people who speak out against an idea, color that idea as
bad.  For the most part, Debian people don't <AOL>Me Too</AOL> and so the
majority of the responses you (or anyone) is going to get will be critical to
one degree or another.

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