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Can I put a new package in frozen?


	During the hollidays I spent some time crushing bugs in some
packages of mine, esp. wmaker*, wdm and such.  There's one open bug in
wmaker that, well, bugs me.  It's related to the poor documentation wmaker
has.  I'd like to ask permission to upload a new package to frozen,
wmaker-usersguide.  The documentation, if I remember correctly, is available
only in PS format (or LaTeX, but it doesn't translate nicely to HTML).  In
the past I haven't packaged/uploaded this because of the blurry nature of
the DFSG regarding docs (yes, I think it's blurry at best)

hamm users had to deal with wmaker in an very non-satisfactory way: they
mailed debian-user*|wmaker@packages|me asking where to find docs. I put a
note in README.Debian, but I don't think it's enough. I'd really like to put
the docs in slink (because there's no clear indication about how long will
it take before we have a frozen potato), but I'd like to be given some sort
of 'go' first.

I'll mail Alfredo Kojima asking for a statement regarding the license on the
guide so they can go into main.

If I do this...  will the new package get into frozen?


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