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Re: ARM port, auto-recompilation, and binary-only revision bumps

In article <19990107160215.E4008@debian.org> you wrote:

: Maybe we could work with the FTP site maintainer to just replace the
: whole lot of packages when the time comes, or something like that
: (human intervention).  The old packages will be useless anyway..

I did exactly that with the binary-alpha tree at one point, when we had a 
similar "flag event" early in the life of the port.  It worked.  It really
didn't feel right, since the folks running the port at that point had to do
some manual things to update, since dselect/dpkg weren't helpful with the 
revisions being the same... but the number of folks running the port was small
and it was *much* less work than any of the alternatives.  And frankly, most
folks took the oportunity to do something akin to a reinstall from scratch 
after the flag event to make sure all the crufty old bits were gone.  Isn't
porting fun?  :-)

Jim, I'm pretty sure I still have write access to the necessary parts of the
tree.  As part of the debian-arm development community, I'd be happy to help
orchestrate the shuffle when the time comes.  I doubt anyone not currently
running debian-arm cares how we handle this if we do it in a way that's 
invisible to the other ports...


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