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Re: 2.0.36 in slink, so isdnutils should go in as well!

Paul Slootman <paul@debian.org> wrote:

> Anyway, this means that isdnutils _must_ also be upgraded. I've
> contemplated making an isdnutils3 package that could go next to the
> existing version, but I don't think that direction is where we want
> to go (I hate packages suddenly changing names, which also means
> it's hard to reuse the old name; besides, the old package is based
> on a source almost 2 years old now).

Another choice would be to rename the 2.* package to isdnutils2 and
name the 3.* package isdnutils. But this also isn't very intuitive :-(

And this doesn't allow you to automatically install the correct
package depending on the installed kernel version (I have installed
kernel-image-2.0.35 and kernel-image-2.0.36 here and the dpkg
dependency may not know which kernel is booted...).

So here's a completely different idea: I tried out your 3.* package
when I was still using Kernel 2.0.34. The only problem with this was
the isdnctrl program, all other programs worked without any problems.
So I simply renamed your isdnctrl to isdnctrl-2.0.36 and installed the
old 2.* isdnctrl instead. This worked like a charm with the old kernel
and I only had to change /etc/isdn/device.* to use "isdnctrl status
on" instead of "isdnctrl dialmode auto". So maybe there is some chance
to create a package which is based on isdnutils-3.0 but which includes
a second isdnctrl binary that works with the old kernels. And extend
isdnconfig to select the correct isdnctrl version and write a isdnctrl
wrapper which complains when the wrong isdnctrl version is used for
the booted (uname -r) kernel
(/usr/doc/isdnutils/examples/default/device.DEVICE.gz has to be
changed to handle both versions).

This isn't trivial but it seems to be the best solution...

> So, I'll upload a new version of isdnutils to go into "frozen
> unstable" this week,

When we do this, we should remove
kernel-{doc,headers,image,source}-2.0.{33,34,35} from slink.
But this would imply to create ftape-module-2.0.36, ibcs2.0.36,
pcmcia-modules-2.0.36, lsof-2.0.36 and ultra-mod2.0.35, which are all
missing (were missing, when I last upgraded my file lists).



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