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Re: Call for mascot! :-)

Noswaith dda, Chris.

Ysgrifennodd Chris Waters ar Thu, Jan 28, 1999 at 10:14:15AM -0800:
> I brought this up on IRC, and got the following suggestions:
> 1.  Dragon (well-liked choice on IRC)

Obviously a dragon is the best choice.

> 2.  Octopus (my own suggestion)

Too complex.

> 3.  Monkey
> 4.  Ant
> 5.  Bee

Stupid animals (Debian is for intelligent people)

> Personally, I think octopi are really cute, they're smart (for
> invertebrae), and I kind of like the symbolism of many arms working
> together as part of a whole, but perhaps I'm a little crazy.  :-)

Dragons are much smarter :) And they symbolise how big Debian is now.

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Dioch, Edward.

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