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[no subject] 10 gig Drives W/O EZDrive? 128 MB but only 64 MB 2.1 kernel troubles RE: 2.2.10-14 i686 SMP: IDE RAID-5 array hangs on mount 2.2 kernel 3c59x.c and SMP 3COM905B 10/100 Ethernet Config Re: 3COM905B 10/100 Ethernet Config [FIXED] 3-Com NIC support 501 .... Sender domain must exist errors. 7200 RPM udma33 same speed as 5400 PIO mode 4 a2ps has a bug? [*] aabout ldconfig [*]about download program [*] about gcc [*] about ldconfig About ldso [*] about x 'acm' doesn't start Acroread/Netscape crash Re: Adding accounts adding headers to postscript files Adding second IP problem Adelphia Powerlink and Debian ADS Cadet FM Tuner Card afbackup After hacking procedure after slink re-install, "undefined RGetXImage" (wmaker problems) afterstep AGHHHH! I ruined Linux! alsactl not found answering my own lynx question any clear description of sources.list format and apt interpretation? apache auth_ldap problems Apache FrontPage Extensions app-defaults or something else? Apple rtsp_proxy gives segmentation fault Applications missing from WindowMaker menus APT 0.5.x debian packages anywhere? apt and kde apt and X window apt does not upgrade eterm Apt/dpkg...screwed up bad! apt-get and make-pkg? apt-get -b Apt-get Confusion apt-get error apt-get install error "termcap" apt-get logic? apt-get probleme apt-get source question Apt-get through proxy apt-get update apt-get update and source behavior Apt-get upgrade vs dist-upgrade? apt & kde Apt keeps back? ARGH! "Frozen" is back.... Athalong install of slink? "at" having problems Athena docs ATI 3D Rage Pro AGP 2x ATI Video Card Support Attention Bruss Sass FWD: failure notice Re: Attention: imapd gpoing back to $HOME as mailbox root A-x not defined in XEmacs backspace no longer working in some apps Backup with TAR and long path names balsa 0.6.0-1 crash balsa locks cause crashes Bar Code Scanner in Linux Based On Base Install + SETI@Home Bash question Basic Ethernet config Help Needed Beep? big drives... big non-boot disks big tapes, disks *.bin file BogoMIPS ? Boot problem Boot up graphics & screen corruption broken libraries? Re: broken libraries? (solved) [Bug?] libguile6_1.3-18 does not contain [Bug or feature?] Blockcursor in emacsen - ncurses to blame? building firewall, help build raid on install Bungled bash Buying Debian Preinstalled CAD/walkthrough software for debian? Calling LOADLIN from CONFIG.SYS rather than AUTOEXEC Can I move simple floppy system to hard drive? Cannot compile newest Afterstep cannot execute /bin/bash: Permission denied cannot export to HTML Cannot find source for some libraries Cannot get gimp from frozen Can Separate Partitions Interfere? Can somebody tell me if lpr+samba works? can't activate swap Can't click links in Netscape?? can't display remote X jobs after potato Can't find class Freenet.Node can't ftp into box Can't get drivers to load Can't load cant open /usr/lib/ Can't print to print queue in GIMP Can't run Netscape 4.72 (linux2.2) from tarball cant't upgrade libc6 using atp-get Capture Text Console screen C++ dev environment advice cdrecord changeing irqs on serial devices. Changing keyboard from qwerty changing mime handlers check if the email address is valid Re:Check out free DSL services (fwd) Re: Check This Out! chsh CLEARED: Linux on Dell PowerEdge 4300 / 550 with RAID Coda filesystem (was Re: Unidentified subject!) Colour changes in Netscape/Motif Compiled Emacs compiling an old kernel compiling from source - where to install Compiling (gnome) files Compiling (gnome) programs compiling kernel on sparc/debian Configuration management Configuring Joystick Configuring x-windows for EGA conf.modules Connection is there but.... [continued] How to set LANG variable for X window session started by XDM? CONVERTING EFAX FILES TO WORD FILES Corel - Debian Corel Linux debs The Corel_Linux news-list (COLOS) Correct PAM settings for login Corrupted module? Could not find the GIMP Help Browser procedure cp of big file causes high loadavg C++ question cran-md5 crc error, system halts when trying to boot debian cd creating a bootdisk c references cron.daily isn't cron not using new entry after crontab -e? Cron running 6 hours early crontab + "xset dpms" Cups 1.0.5 Cybercash & Slink Re: damn! I screwed up Re: db2 installation DDD 3.1.99 expired debconf: Dialog front end failed to initialise Re: Debconf: Failed to initialize Dialog front end Debian and IDE66 debian installation questions Debian Linux on Sony Vaio PCG-XG / PCG-F309 Re: Debian logo et al. debian-mirror: inconsistency The last update was on 10:48 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 3451 messages. Page 1 of 7.

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