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Re: Colour changes in Netscape/Motif

On Tue, Feb 01, 2000 at 07:52:38PM -0500, Bart Szyszka wrote:
> > I can set the background to gray80 (using the Netscape*background X
> > resource), but I can't see any way to set Motif's 3D colours. Is there
> > documentation on this anywhere? Has anyone managed it?
> Do you mean the background of the application window or the background
> in the frame where web sites are loaded? If it's the former I'd like to know
> how you did it so that I could make NSN more uniform with my other
> programs too.

I've just worked a few things out now. This is my current .Xdefaults
file's Netscape section:

! Disable blink tags
Netscape*blinkingEnabled: 0
Netscape*fontList: -b&h-lucida-medium-r-normal-*-10-*-*-*-p-*-iso8859-1
Netscape*background: gray80
Netscape*bottomShadowColor: gray55
Netscape*topShadowColor: white
Netscape*urlComboBox*shadowThickness: 0
Netscape*urlComboBox*Text*shadowThickness: 1
Netscape*urlComboBox*Text*bottomShadowColor: black
Netscape*urlComboBox*Text*topShadowColor: black
Netscape*urlComboBox*ComboBoxMenuShell*borderWidth: 1
Netscape*urlComboBox*ComboBoxMenuShell*borderColor: black

This makes it look somewhat similar to the CoolIce GTK+ theme, my
current favourite.

Have a look at editres, it's a great program :-)

Alisdair McDiarmid                                    alisdair@jml.net

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