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Re: .gz in Netscape

paul wrote:
> > On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Oleg Krivosheev wrote:
> >
> > > looks like Netscape decompress the file while i'm doing
> > > shift+b1. So instead of aaa.diff.gz i'm getting aaa.diff
> >
> > Actually, it doesn't decompress it strangely enough. It just removes the
> > .gz extension. I've always experienced this. Bizzare.
> >
> I find this behavior rather odd, as my netscape 4.7 does not strip the .gz
> when I SHIFT-leftclick.  Are you sure its not something in your settings?

	This has come up before, and AFAIK no clear answer has been found. 
There are several who've seen this problem, so you aren't alone. 
Unfortunately, I'm one of those who's *never* seen this problem, go
figure.  My memory goes back to at least Communicator 4.5.

	This may be related to mimetypes.  In the mime.type file there is the

	#mime types added by Netscape Helper
	type=application/x-gzip-compressed  \
	desc="GZipped Files"  \

Second, in Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Applications there is an
entry with the same info as above with "Save to Disk" selected as the
action to be taken.  With the above, Shift->LeftClick has always
worked as expected for me.

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Ed C.

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