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Re: Can't click links in Netscape??

On Wed, Feb 23, 2000 at 07:30:10PM -0800, Wim Kerkhoff wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> For some reason, I can't click links in netscape anymore.  I can right click
> them and hit "Open Link in New Window", but left click them and have it open in
> the same window like it should.  This is with Communicator 4.7.
> Ideas anyone?  It is a real PITA to have to open in a new window, or type the
> path in manually all the time...

i see this happen every so often usually after visiting a badly
written site (especially if javascript was turned on) quitting the
browser and rerunning it solves it for me though.  is this permanent
for you?

Ethan Benson

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