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RE: 2.2.10-14 i686 SMP: IDE RAID-5 array hangs on mount

> Okay, what about md v.90 in kernel >= 2.3.40 or 2.4? I checked 2.3.40 and
> the old raid is in it. Where can i get a kernel that has new raid that is at
> least 2.2.14 or better?

     You can patch (pretty cleanly) 2.2.14 to raid 0.90 support with:

     Corresponding (latest) raidtools v0.90 are:

     I am using this combination and so far it seems stable.  I don't know
if there is any kernel support (or patches) for 0.90 in 2.3.x; I wasn't
able to find any, anyway.


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