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Apple rtsp_proxy gives segmentation fault

Hi, all.

I would like to use Quicktime streaming over my cable modem from my Mac and
Windoze machines. Apple offers a rtsp_proxy (possibly also useful with Real
and/or MS streaming as well, but I don't know) for linux.

I downloaded, installed and launched it successfully, but when I try to hit
it, I get a segmentation fault. I have tried dejanews and other internet
searches without finding a reference to this.

I am running 2.2 kernel, and all my internet stuff works just great. I am
using NAT on it; perhaps it is interfering with the UDP or TCP stuff that
the rtsp_proxy is trying to do.

So have you gotten this to work?

And do I need to adjust my ipchains if I am running the proxy on the NAT


Guyren G Howe

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