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Re: .gz in Netscape

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Oleg Krivosheev wrote:
> > 
> > Hi, All
> > 
> > stupid question: what i have to do in order to 
> > prevent Netscape from expanding .gz files?
> Simple answer: Don't use Netscape to download .gz files, use
>                wget instead


> Other answer: Try shift-mousebutton

umm... are you sure?

trying to dl 


and ALWAYS ending up with less_346-6.diff

> Regards,
> 	Joey

well, messing with this stuff discovered very strange thing:

d/l less_346-6.diff, more then 30k uncompressed, then tried 
to restore archive and gzip -9 (is it REALLY best compression?) 
gives me file size 10847 while in .dsc the compressed
file size is equal to 10831 !

and i tested such effect with several .diff files.

any ideas?

thank you


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