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Re: [*] about x

On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Kent West wrote:

westk >As a general rule, if I want to temporarily de-activate
westk >something like xdm, I just rename the link to "no.S99xdm"
westk >instead of removing/recreating-later. Being relatively new
westk >to Linux/Unix, is there anything "wrong" (bad habit,
westk >non-standard, etc) with this practice?

if it works i dont think its bad.  BUT by renaming the link the program
would still run (unless theres something in init that doesnt run files
that start with "no" i dont know)  renaming the script itself in
/etc/init.d would work for sure though.

thre have been posts saying to use the command update-rc.d
(something) maybe update-rc.d remove xdm i forget (man update-rc.d ?) old
habbits die very very hard for me though :>


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