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I recent was trying to upgrade my kernel and in the Documentation was told
I need chsh version x.xx.  I tried to check this by typing
"chsh --version",
but this gave me an error message.  
I then just typed chsh and get a prompt, so I typed 
"chsh --version",
again and nothing really happened.  I realized what happened when I tried
to login again.  Currently, my root user is trying to run the shell
"chsh --version", and obviously isn't working.  Is there anyway to change
my login shell back to bash from twm (my Xwindows manager) without opening
a window?  (when I open a window it just closes after an error message
about "chsh --version" not being a valid shell or something).  

I'm probably going to have to reformat my "/" partition (separate from
"/usr" partition), but if anyone has a better idea, please let me know!


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