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Re: Apache FrontPage Extensions

aphro wrote:

> On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, Sven Gaerner wrote:
> sgaern >Hi,
> sgaern >
> sgaern >I installed Apache with this Extensions.
> sgaern >The best way would be to download the Debian Apache source and apply the patch which
> sgaern >can be found on www.rtr.com or on www.microsoft.com.
> sgaern >You just have to add '--add-module=mod_frontpage' to the debian/rules.
> there is a lot more then just the module to get "full" frontpage support,
> quite a few scripts and utils and shit.
> i dont know what all it does i just followed the directions on www.rtr.com
> had to patch my 1.3.9 by hand since there was no patch for it at the time.
> cant wait till i can ditch frontpage.
> nate
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Yes, I know, but these extra files are also included in this tar-file.
There are some modifications if you want users use these extensions.

I think I will write these steps down and post it again in a few days.



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