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Guilherme Soares Zahn <gzahn@cnen.gov.br> wrote:

> Also, do anyone know of a good Linux replacement for Windows'
> Microcal Origin? I'd need a program that can create scientific
> graphics/plots (no need for 3D plots), do both linear and nonlinear
> function fitting (preferrably it should allow the user to enter his own
> functions, as I'd need to do many "non-standard" fits, like a sum of
> Legendre Polynomials, for instance) and be able to exchange data with MS
> Excel and/or Microcal Origin (even if it cannot export and/or import the
> graphics, I'd need to import/export the data)... If possible, I'd like
> it to be at least *a bit*  intuitive to use, also...

Unfortunately I don't know Microcal Origin. Do you know Gnuplot? That is a very 
flexible scientific plotting program. There exists an extension Gnufit with 
which you can do curve fitting. Furthermore, free "matlab clones"  like Octave 
and Scitech can generate gnuplot scripts. In that way you can do almost anything 
with numbers and plotting. A drawback for you might be that Gnuplot has the 
advantages as well as the disadvantages of being CLI (and not GUI) oriented.

Paul Huygen

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