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[no subject] RE: 150K=?iso-8859-1?Q?_=B6W=B0=AA=B3t=A9=F3=BA=F4=A4W=B9=A3=B8u=ACO=A6=F3=B5=A5=A7=D6=B7P??= (1) Upgrade failure; (2) /usr/lib/man.conf 2.0.36 source .deb - installs REDHAT dir - piss take? 2.1 Install halts 2.2.5 -> 2.2.7 .config file 2.2.7 2.2 kernel under slink? 2.2.x boot/root needed 2 ethernet cards - solution found 2 network cards 2 network cards revisited Re: 2 network cards revisited (fwd) 3D Card 3D stereo glasses for Linux? 410cdt MODEL? 8 Newbie Questions about 2 games in linux About backup's about Linux Books questions ? about xfstt an freefont access rights on /dev/ttyS1 accounting software for linux acroread can't load library re-add deleted extended logical partitions? adding local TeX sty files Re: Advanced Printer Control? Re: An 'ae' testimony Agggh! can't start new GNOME for slink AGP video on motherboard? AIC7xxx not recognised Aliases in .bashrc alien question All packages Obsolete/local in dselect? Alpha 1000 4/233 Server install problems. Re: AM53C974 SCSI-Controller: Debian, Suse und Redhat anacron job for a user? Andreu Martinez ange-ftp with ssh-tunnel? Another test and last test, dont read.. Antwort: Re: Macintosh IIvx (Performa 600) Any .AVI players out there? Any danger in dselecting emacs packages? anyone get voodoo3 to work correctly on debian box? Anyone need KDE install notes? Apache + Extras, need install advice apache + proxy ? apache-ssl -- was Potatoe - usable ? Apps For Debian? Re: Apps For Debian? HTML Editor apt-0.3.4: package list or status file could not be parsed or opened apt: 0.3.6 and ldconfig: /lib/ (No such file or directory) apt-0.3.x on slink: unable to parse package file Apt and non-standard directory structure apt & dselect & security fixes Apt for bo apt-get and two cds apt-get: did not finish the job? Apt-get (dselect) wants to remove everything, by default apt-get from a CD apt-get http with authenticating proxy apt-get: libc6-dev: Depends:libc6 apt-get: no more telnet apt-get problem apt-get problem: /usr not in fstab Re: apt-get problem & where is program x? apt saves the day :) Re: apt sources line apt's sources.list Re: apt's sources.list (Correction) Apt still not working apt through unusual FTP proxy? Archive 150MB Tape Drive Archives are the 2.2.x kernels for SMP systems only? asclock kills gnome panel Asking for information autologout problems... automatic load of modules ? awe64 sound problems backspace backspace not working and ansi Backups Backups & Sharing Bad author when using pine bad hostname (lpd complains) Base 64 bash functions bashrc file gone! Where is it? bash weirdness under potato? basic question on splitting partitions Basic SCSI question A "better" vmstat Beware apt 150K 超高速於網上馳聘是何等快感? Binary Newsgroup extractor? /bin/bash -> /bin/sh BIND problem binfmt_002c (?) bios q BIOS upgrade blocked SMTP port issue... Bootdisking Booting a sparc10 booting dos and linux Booting over the Network booting with NT bootloader fails Boot probblem with xdm Boot sticks on "Parallelizing fsck..." Boot warning: SIOCSIFADDR Re: Broken libtiff3g-dev Broken "select" in dselect Broken "Select" in dselect (typos removed) BUG: /dev/null 0600 was: Re: postgresql installation trouble ... Re: Buggy kernel-sources package in Debian 2.1? bugtracking system bug-tracking system having problems??? Bus error in Netscape CAD-55D Can I compress my Linux partition ? can i use truetype fonts? Can Netscape be configured thusly? Cannot launch netscape Cannot launch WordPerfect. Cannot su. Can one "fake" a Debian package? Re: Can someone "fake" a debian package? Can someone interpret this X error message for me? Can't allocate DMA buffer can't find ipchains deb Can't FTP. Can't get fetchmail to fetch. can't get xdm to load. can't login after package installation 'cardctl resume' twice kills slink CD Burner cd burning with memorex 1622, audio tools c++ docs Re: CD/R disks for backup? cdrecord - and VideoCDs ?(and/or .bin/.cue CDs) CDROM Installation problems cd-rom mounting problem CDROM or Floppy? CDROM seen as floppy during install cdrom speed wrong; cd scratch cd writer woes CD-writing keeps failing CFS has died C function manpages Changed CDROM hdd to hdb changing default LANGUAGE Changing IP address Changing kernel on rescue-(install-) disk does not work Changing ownership for mounted fat partitions changing resolve.conf for deferent providers checkdir error Re: checkdir errory checking promiscuous mode chmod chmod equivalent for files on mounted cdrom Clean pipes (Was: mail clients) Clients and Servers (Was: Re: Replacement for Netscape) clock The last update was on 10:29 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 3865 messages. Page 1 of 8.

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