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Re: Apps For Debian?

> > P.S on a happy note
> > I got Netscape to work Finaly!
> > and TinTin++ rocks (please include it in a furture debian release. They
> > are working on it again finally and I would love to be able to apt-get
> > it as they improve it. Version 2 coming soom:)
> Thats good to know... btw - what's TinTin++????
> Hope this helps,
>         Peter Ludwig

TinTin is a Mud client (Multi user Dungeon) I know every one loves Quake and
all but I seem to stick with muds. I used to be able to use it when I had a
shell account but since Ive been locked in a windows world for the last year
I have been using zmud. All I can say is Im happy to have my tintin back.

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