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Re: ? using "make-kpkg" for modules ?

Shaleh wrote:
> On 03-May-99 rich wrote:
> >> You need to do some tweaking to get sound support to work properly as
> >> a module.  If you don't do anything special, a read request on
> >> /dev/audio tells the kernel to try to get sound support, so it loads
> >> the 'sound' module.  Since there's no module installed that can
> >> provide actual audio data, the read fails.
> >>
> >> My /etc/modutils/sound contains:
> >>
> >> post-install soundcore modprobe -ks sb
> >> post-install sb modprobe -ks adlib_card
> >> options sb io=0x220 irq=5 dma=1 dma16=5 mpu_io=0x330
> >> options adlib_card io=0x388
> >>
> >> This has modprobe install the sb module when the kernel loads the
> >> soundcore module, and then loads the adlib_card module after that.  It
> >> also specifies correct I/O, IRQ, and DMA information for the modules,
> >> which is essential for them to work correctly.
> >
> >
> Ok here goes, blow by blow:
> make menuconfig and setup as usual (if you do make xconfig that is fine too)
> while in config, go into the sound section and enable the modules for the sound
> items needed
> do make-kpkg kernel_image (add --revision if desired) <-- this builds kernel
> and modules
> install the kernel
> cd /etc/modutils and make the sound file as shown above then run update-modules
> (both as root)
> cd /etc and edit conf.modules, make sure auto is the uncommented
> reboot
> all should be well
> as to the make-kpkg as root thing, I simply run sudo make-kpkg and I never
> become root.  fakeroot has not worked for me here.

Well, I just did all of that (there was no "auto" anywhere in the
/etc/conf.modules) and now the boot process gives me messages such as
"modprobe: can't find module sound...." and hangs up when it tries to
configure gom... any ideas? Surely there has to be an simpler way to
deal w/ modules, since that is supposedly the "standard" way to set
things up?

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