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Re: Boot probblem with xdm

On Wed, May 26, 1999 at 02:23:34AM -0500, shadowze wrote:
> My install was going just fine until until I installed X on and ran the
> XF86 setup. Was curious about it. I can hand edit the xf86.cfg  if needed
> or run the xf86config. During the setup, my bus mouse wasnt recognized so I
> quit the set up and on the next boot I guess xdm was written and now I cant
> log in through the x screen.
> Is there a way to stop the boot process before xdm starts?
> If not I guess I will have to reinstall.
> Im on the digest and not on USER so make sure Im cc:'d.
> Thanks in advance.

Hi Robert,

you can press <Control>+<ALT>+<F2> to switch from X to the console.
Press <Alt>+<F7> to go back.


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