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Re: *.deb vs. non "package" installs

>>"Paul" == Paul Schwebel <pschwebe@yahoo.com> writes:

 Paul> Would I be better off taking my *.tar.gz file and making a *.deb out of
 Paul> it? Do I have to wait until I find an updated *.deb on the web? Or is
 Paul> there some way to update/install software with *.tar.gz installs and
 Paul> make dselect/dpkg aware of it?

        I either gran the package.diff.gz file file from the packaged
 version, and use that as a basis to create a new .deb file (with
 version numbers set to remind me this is unofficial).

        Alternately, if the diff's do not apply cleanly, I just
 recompile for /usr/local (for me, /usr/local/bin comes earlier in my

        You may also want to look at a package called stow (I
 personally don't use it) which helps keeping software in /usr/local 

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