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Re: bash functions

Does bash contain a pause feature other than control-z?

When I type 'help' the screen scrolls past and control-z doesn't stop the
top few lines from scrolling away before I can read them.  with dos I'd
just type 'dir /p' or type '<filename> |more'

Are there equivalent set of commands for bash?



At 10:27 PM 5/7/99 -0800, blutgens@mosquitonet.com wrote:
>While doing some reading, I came across a section regarding adding functions
>to .bash_profile like this 
>tarc () { tar -cvzf $1.tar.gz $1 }
>but whenever I try to source the .bash_profile I get syntax error, unexpected
>EOF messages. The article was old and I assume that bash no loger supports
>this syntax, I messed around with this quite a bit and can't seem to make it
>work. Can anyone offer me advice on this subject? I think these functions
>would be quite handy.
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