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Re: booting dos and linux

I just took my extra windows space and carved it out with the Deb install
and started dual booting this weekend.  I used FDISK after I got Deb up and
running and made them both bootable and LILO seemed to take over and do
it's job. One finger and 2 keys and I select which to boot. 
I'm guessing that you could run FDISK to cut a dos partition out and add
the boot flag to it and boot Debian off a floppy after removing it's boot
flag.. This is where I chicken out because I had a heck of a time getting a
floppy to boot but I didnt have the full system so I would make sure I had
a good boot floppy first.


At 12:11 PM 5/23/99 +0300, per_adua32 wrote:
>I intend to add a dos partition to my hardisk.
>Can anyone give me any advice about what installation 
>options I should choose so that I could boot dos by default
>(my kids want to play when I'm at work) and Linux optionally.
>Or would I need to edit the liloconfig file after installation.
>Any help much appreciated.
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