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Re: Advanced Printer Control?

Marc Lepage <mlepage@molecularmining.com> writes:

> I'm configuring a print server for remote clients. I've set up a Debian machine
> with an HP LaserJet 4000 hooked to it via parallel cable. I've installed lprng
> and samba, and can print to it from two types of client:
> The issue, is that the NT drivers are able to take full advantage of the
> printer's capabilities. It can do duplex, 2- 4- 8-up printing, etc.
> How can I achieve such control from the Linux clients? I need to be able to
> specify at least duplex, and hopefully a greater subset of the printer's
> capabilities. Linux is working great as a print server to NT clients, but not so
> great to Linux clients.

Have a look at the cti-ifhp package.

> PS: I can't help but imagine C++ iostream manipulators:
>     cout << unix_line_feeds << file.txt << duplex << 4up << file.ps;

cat file.ps | <insert filter here> | lpr. 


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