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Re: "pdebuild --debbuildopts -sa" does not accept orig.tar.bz2 format? : RFS: autoconf-archive (updated package) [done] RFS: libbs2b Adding symbols files to the tango package. AGPL (was Re: Please try Re: Bug#538067: RFS: opencpn Checking package version numbers Commit hooks for Git and no tarballs ? Re: dacco and qdacco packages waiting sponsor debconf confusion, part XLII Re: Debhelper doesn't know the ‘build-stamp’ target, but Lintian recommends it Re: Debhelper doesn't know the ‘build-stamp’ target, but Lintian recommends it Re: Debhelper doesn't know the ‘build-stamp’ target, but Lintian recommends it Re: Debhelper doesn't know the ‘build-stamp’ target, but Lintian recommends it Debhelper doesn't know the ‘build-stamp’ target, but Lintian recommends it Debian Uploader DEP-5 and derivative work dfsg tarball and non-dfsg version number different version numbers? dpkg status Conffiles obsolete flag? Git and tarballs how to get people to run lintian on their packages Re: How to patch a file with changing path? Incorporating patches best practice ITP 634783: Need help to remove a linitian warning "desktop-command-not-in-package usr/share/applications/package.desktop x-www-browser" Re: jampal_02.01.05-1_amd64.changes REJECTED Looking for mentor to package dolibarr erp/crm - ITP 634783 looking for sponsor for my package "jscribble" Modified tarballs [was: Re: RFS: minidlna (updated package and FTBFS fix)] Nitpicking: you are doing it wrong package with new soname: questions about .symbols and uploading Plan for managing the SWISS EPHEMERIS data, virtual packages. Please try -- a replacement for RE : : RFS: autoconf-archive (updated package) RE : different version numbers? RFC: git-flow Re: RFS: acsccid (Updated) RFS: amispammer (updated package) Re: RFS: arp-scan (updated package, new maintainer) Re: RFS: assaultcube-data (updated package) RFS: audacious (backported package) RFS: audacious-plugins (backported package) RFS: autoconf-archive (updated package) RFS: autotrace (updated package) RFS: b43-fwcutter Re: RFS: cl-launch, cl-asdf (updated packages) Re: RFS: cmsmadesimple RFS: creepy (updated package) (New Upstream release) Re: RFS: dbxml RFS: directvnc (updated package) RFS: disper RFS: espctag RFS: eviacam RFS: evolution-tray RFS: flush (updated package) Re: Re: RFS: fribid RFS: gecrit RFS: gecrit (2nd try) RFS: gforth (updated package) Re: RFS: gogglesmm RFS: hashalot RFS: herculesstudio (updated package) Re: RFS: hwinfo (updated package) Re: RFS: Jampal (2nd try) Re: RFS: JLDrill RFS: john (updated package) Re: RFS: kamerka RFS: kpartsplugin (updated package) Re: RFS: l2tp-ipsec-vpn Re: RFS: lebiniou, lebiniou-data RFS: lebiniou, lebiniou-data (3rd try) (new upstream version) RFS: lebiniou, lebiniou-data (new 3.9 upstream version, debian packages updated) RFS: libbs2b and bs2b-ladspa Re: RFS: libchart-php RFS: libgeier (updated package) RFS: libharu (updated package) RFS: libmowgli (backported package) Re: RFS: libpam-abl RFS: libpar2 (reupload to Debian) RFS: libspctag RFS: libstring-tokenizer-perl Re: RFS: libzipper Re: RFS: mgen RFS: minidlna (updated package and FTBFS fix) Re: RFS: minidlna (updated package) Re: RFS: mosh RFS: mosquitto RFS: mosquitto (new upstream version) RFS: mpg321 (updated package) Re: RFS: naev RFS: nullidentd (adopting package) Re: RFS: opencpn Re: RFS: peak-linux-driver RFS: phing (Another try) RFS: phing (Another try...) RFS: php-pager (updated package) RFS: pidgin-latex. RFS: pmatch Re: RFS: propel RFS: pynagram (updated package, second attempt) RFS: pysvn (updated package) Re: RFS: qasmixer The last update was on 06:12 GMT Sun Oct 16. There are 672 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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