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Re: how to get people to run lintian on their packages

Le vendredi 8 juillet 2011 11:13:53, Arno Töll a écrit :
> Hi Karl,
> On 08.07.2011 05:49, Karl Goetz wrote:
> >>   - The -I and --pedantic options should always be used.
> > 
> > Why is that? the manual entry for --pedantic says
> > 
> >>               Pedantic tags are Lintian at its most pickiest and
> >> 
> >> include checks for particular Debian packaging styles and checks that
> >> 
> >>               many people disagree with.  Expect false positives and
> >> 
> >> Lintian tags that you don't consider useful if you use this option.
> >> 
> >>               Adding overrides for pedantic tags is probably not
> >> 
> >> worth the effort.
> > 
> > Wouldn't requiring people show tags that aren't relevant just train
> > them to ignore lintian?
> its not, pedantic Lintian warnings weren't useful or /only/ false
> positives. There is just a slightly higher degree to encounter false
> positive or "screw you Niel^W^WLintian I don't care at all" tags.
> That said, some pedantic tags can probably be ignored but most are
> nonetheless still a very helpful addition one better should consider
> when packaging software.

I agree. I think the manpage is exagerating on this although I'm not sure how 
to rephrase it. The only thing I see would be to change "Expect false 
positives" by "Expect a few false positives". But "that many people disagree 
with" and "that you don't consider useful" still push a lot to avoid --
pedantic but I don't know how to rephrase it without saying something wrong.

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