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Modified tarballs [was: Re: RFS: minidlna (updated package and FTBFS fix)]

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 09:03:07PM -0300, Fernando Lemos wrote:


> Just to clarify, I find it concerning that we might be accepting
> source uploads that don't come straight from upstream and don't match
> what was released upstream. I'm relieved to hear that there is a way
> to ensure in your specific case that the source is the same as shipped
> upstream. I wish this was a requirement for new packages entering
> Debian.

We do it all the time. Just 'dpkg -l|grep dfsg' on your local system
and you should find plenty of those modified source tarballs.

What I, as an uploader, do in such cases is a diff between the upstream
provided tarball and what's in the dfsg orig.tar.gz. You can get a
rough overview with diffstat and then review suspicious additions in
more detail.

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