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ITP 634783: Need help to remove a linitian warning "desktop-command-not-in-package usr/share/applications/package.desktop x-www-browser"

I have a warning reported by lintian on a webapps package.
I can't find a solution to remove it.

This is message:
"desktop-command-not-in-package usr/share/applications/package.desktop

My package is a webapp package and i added a .desktop file to add icon
into menu.
The line added in .desktop file is
Exec=x-www-browser http://localhost/mywebapp

But after packaging lintian says x-www-browser is not a command.
Does someone can tell me how i can fix such a warning. Is it a package
to add into Requires that contains this command ? Or is it the value
x-www-browser that is wrong ?

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