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Re: Please try expo.debian.net -- a replacement for mentors.debian.net

Il giorno mar, 26/07/2011 alle 15.38 -0400, Asheesh Laroia ha scritto:
> On Tue, 26 Jul 2011, Julien Valroff wrote:
> > As from the maintainer "personal package archive" page, I understand 
> > that binary packages will be made publicly available? The page states 
> > 'deb ...' entries in sources.list. If so, I think it is a bad idea. Only 
> > source packages should be available to avoid people use this as a 
> > standard repository (I remember it used to be the case for mentors.d.n).
> For now there is no plan to share the binary packages. Originally debexpo 
> was supposed to do that, but I think it never will actually.

(maybe OT? - I was still thinking of debexpo as in the initial plans):
in fact there is no hope that we are going to have something like
Ubuntu's PPAs for Debian?
Is this because of a "political" choice, or technical mess of doing

thanks for the clarification


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