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Re: RFS: gecrit (2nd try)

* Vincent Cheng <vincentc1208@gmail.com>, 2011-07-21, 13:53:
[0] It's likely not the optimal way to package a Python application, but oh well…

Please expand on this a bit...is this an issue with my debian packaging, or an issue with upstream's build system? If it's the former, I'll gladly fix it; I'm also in contact with upstream, so if it's the latter, I can get that fixed as well. Thanks!

I don't have strong opinion on how a Python application should be packaged from upstream POV. (However, please note that due to hardcoded paths in the gecrit script, it won't work on non-Debian systems...)

As for Debian packaging, you should move the Python modules into a private directory, e.g. /usr/share/gecrit/.

Jakub Wilk

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