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Re: jampal_02.01.05-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Le Tue, Jul 26, 2011 at 05:39:13PM -0400, Peter Bennett a écrit :
> Kilian
> I will have to use +dfsg1 instead of ~dfsg1, because ~ sorts before the
> base version and now uscan thinks there is a newer version available
> (unless I have failed to understand something here - which is quite likely)
> jampal: Newer version (02.01.05) available on remote site:
>   http://qa.debian.org/watch/sf.php/jampal/jampal-source-02.01.05.tar.gz
>   (local version is 02.01.05~dfsg1)
> jampal: Successfully downloaded updated package
> jampal-source-02.01.05.tar.gz
>     and symlinked jampal_02.01.05.orig.tar.gz to it

Dear Peter,

note that uscan has an option to mangle the version number, which is useful in
that case.  See the following extract of the uscan manpage.

       # Similarly, the upstream part of the Debian version number can be
       # mangled:
       opts=dversionmangle=s/\.dfsg\.\d+$// \

Have a nice day,


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