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Re: RFS: libpam-abl

Hi Alex,

> >
> >     Instead of setting an override, you can probably patch the
> >     manpages. This could also be related to a docbook bug.
> >
> I've uploaded a new version with mentioned fixes .
> I didn't touch overrides because don't know how to fix these
> warnings , also I see that linitian complains about other packages
> as well .( samba for example )

Ignoring warnings/errors isn't quite the way to solve problems. You might simply
want to ask for help on debian-mentors in such cases.

I do agree with Etienne that this must be a docbook bug, but the shame is that
upstream doesn't actually provide the sources they generated the man pages from.
You should ping upstream about that, but for now there's no way around patching
the man pages.

Yet this isn't really too hard, it seems. I've just looked at them and it seems
that modifying three lines does the trick. Hint: if man --warnings respectively
lintian reports a warning for line 168, start looking from there. In this case
it's a bit more tricky as .SH is redefined, hence you'll have to take a look at
its redefinition.

Feel free to return with questions if you need more guidance on this.


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