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Re: jampal_02.01.05-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Hi Peter,

On Wed, 2011-07-27 at 16:49 +0000, pgbennett@comcast.net wrote:
> I did test the get-orig-source, in fact I used that to get the source
> that I built with. Perhaps, as you said, you have some default set up
> for wget that I do not have.
> Since you have made an update, I need to get the updated file to check
> into my repository for future. Can you send it to me or let me know
> where to download it from. It is probably not available yet via
> apt-get source.

Sure it is. At least if your Debian server is up to date (Mine has
it). ;-)

> I notice that all the emails I have received refer to amd64. Do I have
> to upload an i386 version also to get it available on i386 systems? Or
> will debian automatically build it for all architectures? Only the
> tagbkup part is architecture dependent.

The upload can use any official Debian arch - all the remaining will be
automatically built. See the results at

Best regards,

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