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Re: Adding symbols files to the tango package.

Hi Frédéric,

> I just added the symbol files to one of my packages [1], which provided two C++ libraries.
> I solved by hand the build failure for the first on (liblog4tango4).
> I would like your opinion about my fix [2]. I am not sure that I did the right things.
> Is seems that a few of the missing symbols was Destructor or va_list implementation differences or even
> int(32bit) vs int (64bits).
> Now it fails on the second library (libtango7) as your can see here [3].
> So I would like also your advices about thoses FTBFS as it seems thaht it will be a lot more work...
> Is there a link somewhere explaining by examples how to deal with thoses MISSING symbols
> or differences of implementations ?

I'd like to suggest the following:

- Use the c++ tag to move to human-readable symbols and get rid of problems due
  to different name mangling schemes.
- Combine this with regex to work around 32/64 bits issues.
- Both of this is quite extensively documented in the dpkg-gensymbols man page.
- Take a look at some existing package that makes use of these features, for
  example my "diagnostics" package.

Hope this helps,

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