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Re: RFS: libpam-abl

On 06/28/2011 02:12 PM, Etienne Millon wrote:

I had a look at your package. Please not that I am not a DD, and so I
can't sponsor your contribution.


Your package builds in a clean sid chroot.


Your package is _not_ lintian clean. Here are the warnings upto -E:

   - I: libpam-abl source: binary-control-field-duplicates-source field
     "section" in package libpam-abl

     This one is easy to fix, you can just remove the Section: line
     from the binary package.

   - I: libpam-abl: spelling-error-in-binary usr/bin/pam_abl Unkown Unknown

     This one should be easy too, you can patch src/tools/pam_abl.c
     near line 565. Upstream will probably be interested.

   - I: libpam-abl: description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly

     The full stop is not needed.

   - O: libpam-abl: manpage-has-errors-from-man
     usr/share/man/man1/pam_abl.1.gz 169: warning: macro `HTML-TAG' not

   - O: libpam-abl: manpage-has-errors-from-man
     usr/share/man/man5/pam_abl.conf.5.gz 169: warning: macro `HTML-TAG'
     not defined

   - O: libpam-abl: manpage-has-errors-from-man
     usr/share/man/man8/pam_abl.8.gz 169: warning: macro `HTML-TAG' not

     Instead of setting an override, you can probably patch the
     manpages. This could also be related to a docbook bug.


   - "Initial release" is probably better than "New upstream release"
     as it is the first one :).
   - The two ITPs have been merged, so it is only necessary to close
     one of them.


   - There is a trailing space line 6.
   - Line 9 could be wrapped.


   - (see about the lintian warnings)
   - Both your short and extended descriptions start with "pam_abl",
     which is probably not informative enough. Other PAM modules seem
     to use phrasings such as "PAM module blocking host which are
     attempting a brute force attack"
   - The versioned build-dep against debhelper can probably be bumped
     at least to 8 (and debian/compat set to this value to), but I am
     not sure about the exact version number.

Hope that helps !

Hi ,

I've uploaded a new version with mentioned fixes .
I didn't touch overrides because don't know how to fix these warnings , also I see that linitian complains about other packages as well .( samba for example )

Thank you ,

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