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Re: RFS: lebiniou, lebiniou-data

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On 06/29/2011 05:12 PM, David Banks wrote:
> wrt to debian/copyright file there are a few issues:
> * You might consider using DEP-5 as a best practice, this is up to you.

This has been fixed, but I'm not sure what exactly the content of the
Format: field should be.

> * You should probably mention the original author and license of
> src/pnglite.[ch] in the copyright file.

Also fixed.

> * You should mention the copyright on fonts/FreeMono.ttf and preferably
> ship the source if possible.  Alternatively, repack and exclude it.
> (About the latter, I see that in Makefile.am you use --enable-debian to
> disable installing the fonts.  I would say as a matter of style you
> should keep all debian-specific tweaks inside the 'debian' directory.
> Arguably it's better to patch the Makefile than to put this option in.
> Regardless of where you put the option, though, everything in the
> _source_ package needs a copyright statement.)

I included the FreeMono.sfd, COPYING and README files from the freefont
package in the source tarball.

However, the Debian package now depends on ttf-freefont, and the option
to remove the fonts/ directory has been moved from the Makefile to
debian/patches, as suggested.

> * Manpage is lebiniou.6, but I'm not sure if Le Biniou would be called a
> "game", though you can see it as one.  I'd be comfortable with it under
> section 1.

Moved back to section 1.

> * The program didn't seem to detect audio from Rhythmbox out of the box,
> presumably as it was trying to use the alsa plugin where rhythmbox uses
> pulseaudio.  Maybe consider adding a note to the manual about how to
> switch the audio plugin, for new users.

The manual has been updated.

I uploaded the new packages to mentors.debian.net.


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