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Re: Looking for mentor to package dolibarr erp/crm - ITP 634783

I made all changed suggested by all answers i recevied after my first mentor request
to upload Dolibarr ERP & CRM :

Package provided is now a source package built with dpkg-source :
DSC:            http://www.dolibarr.org/files/debian/dolibarr_3.1.0-1.1.dsc
Source tgz: http://www.dolibarr.org/files/debian/dolibarr_3.1.0-1.1.tar.gz
I still provide binary built with dpkg if needed (but should not):
Binary: http://www.dolibarr.org/files/debian/dolibarr_3.1.0-dev_all.deb

I removed most Lintian warnings. There is still 3 kinds of warnings:
* W: embedded-javascript-library This can't be avoid because package use embedded library that are different version than one provided by debian default packages and are modified specially for Dolibarr software. * W: embedded-php-library This can't be avoid because package use embedded PHP library that are different version of one provided by debian default packages and are modified specially for Dolibarr software. * W: extra-license-file This can't be avoid without removing licence files of js and php embedded library (see 2 previous points). Licence of embedded libraries are reported also into the copyright file.

I tried to provide a complete copyright file, fix packages dependencies, removed not necessary embedded libraries (those remainings can't be removed and we can't use another version than the one embedded).

I am waiting next feedbacks with this second try to guide me if something must be changed/fixed again.

Le 21/07/2011 01:53, Arno Töll a écrit :
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Hi Laurent,

On 20.07.2011 23:05, Laurent Destailleur (eldy) wrote:
The package can be found on URL:

Because Dolibarr is a PHP application, binary package is also source
package (no compiled binaries inside).
I'm afraid, but this is not true. For sponsoring, a source package is
required, not a binary (.deb) package, being architecture independent or
not. So please, re-upload your source package if you want to have it

However, before you do, please fix problems with it.

Lintian tests report no errors.
Please run
lintian --pedantic -E -I dolibarr-3.1.0-dev.deb
(or even better on your *.changes file)

and come back if you reduced Lintian warnings to something in a more
sane magnitude.

Moreover please read again the maintainer guide and the policy. You are
massively abusing most^W^Wsome standards, including but not limited to
package relationships, embedded code copies, purpose of maintainer
scripts, source code distributions and a massively too shallow copyright

- -- with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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