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Plan for managing the SWISS EPHEMERIS data, virtual packages.

Dear Debian Mentors,

I am planing to package the SWISS EPHEMERIS library and its data.

The SWISS EPHEMERIS data is 36 Meg in 54 files. The Swiss Ephemeris library
can be used with out installed data if the user has a private copy of the 
data. I would like to encourage data sharing which is the reason for packaging 
the Swiss Ephemeris data. Any of the 54 data files could be needed or not 
needed depending on what the user is doing.

For more info about the Swiss Ephemeris see:

I believe that for desktop users the cost of managing this is less than the 
cost of installing all the data. It costs for people, either administrators or 
users to think about things and storage is getting cheap.

However some day some one may want to put say, a astrology web server on a low 
memory device such as home router hardware. These people will want to control 
exactly what data they will install.

I plan to create a package that will include all the data, but I want to 
provide for people to come a long later and take a more fine grained approach.

I propose that each file have its own VIRTUAL PACKAGE. A package with a 
combination of files would provide and conflict with each virtual package for 
each file it includes. That way people could create a more fine grained approach 
to this problem with no risk of two packages providing the same file being 
installed as the same time.

I would like to ask if this is an appropriate use of the virtual package 
concept? How should I choose the virtual package names?

I understand there is a procedure involving Debian-devel consensus
for using virtual packages.

However, there is an exception:
> Packages MUST NOT use virtual package names (except privately, amongst
> a cooperating group of packages) unless they have been agreed upon and
> appear in this list.

Since all packages using these virtual names would be astrology programs using 
the Swiss Ephemeris or the Swiss Ephemeris library, could this use be viewed 
as "privately, amongst a cooperating group of packages"?

If so, I could skip the debian-devel consensus step.

If I need to go the debian-devel I want to get the bugs out of my plan first.

I thank everyone for their input and comments.

Paul Elliott                               1(512)837-1096
pelliott@BlackPatchPanel.com               PMB 181, 11900 Metric Blvd Suite J
http://www.free.blackpatchpanel.com/pme/   Austin TX 78758-3117

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