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Re: RFS: phing (Another try)

Hi all,

thanks Benoît. I updated the package following your advices.

I uploaded it on mentors and push my changes on the git repository.

I allways search for a sponsor. 


Le 2 juillet 2011 00:20, Benoît Knecht <benoit.knecht@fsfe.org> a écrit :
Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "phing".
> * Package name    : phing
>   Version         : 2.4.5-1
>   Upstream Author : Hans Lellelid <hans@xmpl.org>
> * URL             :  http://phing.info/
> * License         : LGPG-3
>   Section         : devel
> It builds these binary packages:
> phing      - PHP based build tool

Two quick comments:

 - I don't think you should be shipping debian/gbp.conf.

 - Your man page advises users to report bugs to some email address; I
   think you should let them follow their distribution's recommendation
   (in Debian, report bugs to the Debian BTS and let the maintainer
   decide if they should be forwarded upstream).

 - (Okay three comments actually.) Your debian/copyright file doesn't
   use a versioned Format URL; in the latest version of DEP-5, the Name
   and Maintainer fields do not exist. The first Copyright and License
   should not be in their own paragraphs.


Benoît Knecht

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