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Re: RFS: Jampal (2nd try)

Hi Peter,

Peter Bennett wrote:
> Thank you for taking the time to review this.
> I will take care of these and get a new package uploaded.

You're welcome. Thanks for your work on this package.

> Regarding openoffice.org - the "envelope" command creates an openoffice
> or libreoffice write document.  Also there are some sample spreadsheets
> in openoffice format. You can certainly use most of the features without
> open office. I will remove it as a recommended package.

Maybe you can change it to a Suggests, but keep in mind that openoffice
isn't the only application that can read the OpenDocument format.

> Regarding patches to upstream - it is a lot of work to release a new
> upstream version, and I would not want to do that just to fix an issue
> with Debian that does not affect other non-Debian users. In that case I
> may include patches, which would be rolled into the next upstream
> version. Does this make sense?

That makes perfect sense, thanks for clarifying.


Benoît Knecht

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