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Re: dacco and qdacco packages waiting sponsor

Hi Michael,
> The question is: how do you generate these files with c++ tags? Is it
> possible to automatically generate the files?

Yes, that can be done almost fully automatically. The main step is piping the
current symbols file through c++filt, as in

cat qdacco-0.8.2/debian/libqdaccolib0.7.symbols | c++filt

then make sure you keep the first line of your current file. The final step is
only text mangling: add (c++) in front of each symbol and enclose each symbol in
double quotes (as you've taken a look at diagnostics already, you can pick up
the exact positioning of all this from there).

Thank you very much for the explanation: things always seem more difficult than they are

I have created the new file symbols: the new file is attached to the email. If the file is now correct, then you can review the new version of the package in debian.mentors (http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/q/qdacco).

Do you know any document that spells out the use of tags  in the symbols file ? I want more information on the subject.

Thank you very much for your help.


I. De Marchi

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