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Debhelper doesn't know the ‘build-stamp’ target, but Lintian recommends it

Howdy all,

Lintian recommends (via tag ‘debian-rules-missing-recommended-target’):

N:   Note that the following form is recommended however:
N:     build: build-arch build-indep
N:     build-arch: build-stamp
N:     build-indep: build-stamp
N:     build-stamp:
N:   build here

I am building arch-independent and arch-dependent packages from a rules
file. The actions don't need anything other than “dh $@”. (I don't want
to use the “%:” style, since I prefer the ‘.PHONY’ target to be

But where should “dh $@” be put? The above information from Lintian
recommends that all the build actions should be in ‘build-stamp’, but
‘dh’ doesn't know about that target and barfs.

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