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Re: build depends on kernel-headers Building on arm. c++ problems Caching Proxy for apt-get via http? A call for a donation CFP: Linux@work Amsterdam 2001, June 15 Chrony mailing list needs a home Re: chroot bind? Clarifications [ Was Re: Giram: Request for removal ] Closing the ash(-medium) bug compilation of kernel 2.2.4 failed on PowerPC Re: configuring ISA PnP devices with kernel 2.4 & isapnptools Conflicting round() declaration only with g++-3.0 Confused by rejection messages courier-ldap: userPassword with and without {crypt} [patch] cvs not updating correctly db.d.o broken? Dealing with bug reports Dealing with disagreements on bug handling Re: debbugs can now send bug mails to someone different than the maintainer debconf & apt-utils Debconf and substitution in long description debconf failing with perl_5.6.1 [was: Re: Installation of perl-base_5.6.1-2 fails] Re: Debian Linux对磁盘阵列的支持 debian constitution as map Debian job in Boston US [nowhere better to post?] debian keysigning coordination page Debian packages relying on TMPDIR Debian-Harden debian-new-packages-announce@l.d.o ? debsign process dh_installman since debhelper 3.0.19? dhelp and kdict: conflicting directories? dinstall problem? Dist-upgrading from potato 2.2r3 to testing distributing jdk dm management of wm listings (kdm/gdm/etc..) Do we want packages of books? Does BTS clean old bugs? does search work in ML archives? Dpkg problems dpkg-statoverride: usage question. dpkg: error processing xemacs21-nomule (--configure) dpkg: File missing at postinst (Re: Bug#98419: Postgresql on sid (fwd)) Re: dpkg: File missing at postinst (Re: Bug#98419: Postgresql on sid (fwd)) Re: DVD, UDF, ISO9660 Easy removal of tasks (was Re: Proposing task-debian) elf: openpty () usage question emu10k1-mixer? epsilon away from a release eterm: Home and End don't work Ext2 ACLs fbshot Finishing the FHS transition fortunes optional or extra Freenet g++-3.0 question galeon and light Re: gcc error - xfsprogs, ppc gdb adoption GDBM is getting out of date Giram: Request for removal Re: Gnome bug 94684 GnuPG Problem gpa gpm, USB mouse, Linux 2.4.4 grep-execuses -- testing update excuses utility Grouping packages together on-the-fly heads-up (and a chance to object) on expect packages Help request for Slang how can Euro symbol be displayed under X [4.0.3]? How to block spam (Re: SPAM:come on dream world..) how to implement a renamed package HP selects Debian as its "design center" i would appreciate it if you would help me with this school grad package Re: imp broken in unstable? Import of Raw cotton from Uzbekistan Info section names (request science) init.d scripts Installation of perl-base_5.6.1-2 fails Re: Installed libast1 0.1.0-0pre2001051101: name-clash Re: Installed screen 3.9.8-1 (i386 source) Installing debs in ~user/ or /usr/local? Intent to NMU gnuchess intent to package palo Intent to Rewrite: pwgen ioctl(upsfd, TIOCMSET, status) or ioctl(upsfd, TIOCMSET, &status) Is cdrecord dead? Is there a debian-changes-testing of sorts? Is there a tool which keeps track of space on filesystems during install? ITA -- {i,w}swedish ITA: centericq - A text-mode icq client based on ncurses ITA: devfsd ITA: perforate -- Utilities to save disk space ITAP: SGI Performance Co-Pilot 2.2.0 now available ITH (Intent To Hijack) pilot-manager Re: ITH (Intent To Hijack) pilot-manager & Linux for Pilot ITP focalinux - A portuguese GNU/Linux guide Re: ITP: ardour -- professional multitrack audio editing tool ITP: argante -- secure virtual operating system The last update was on 06:59 GMT Sun May 20. There are 2226 messages. Page 2 of 5.

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