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Re: how to implement a renamed package

> Thanks, - I know this and have done it previously in the case of
> zicq and krolden.  However, what I really wanted to know is, how
> this (or any other) procedure can take care that the users of the
> old package will get the renamed package automatically updated with
> 'apt-get upgrade'? Otherwise, the new (renamed) upstream version
> could be easily overlooked and the users would just wonder why the
> old package is removed from the archives.

Hi.. I've never done this myself, but I'm sure I've seen it happen in the 
past:  If you're replacing foo with newfoo, you upload a new dummy package 
foo that contains absolutely nothing, but depends on newfoo.  This way 
apt-get upgrade will get the latest (empty) foo and thus drag in newfoo with 

Of course you should take this with disclaimers because I'm just going on 
what I think I remember seeing from past upgrades on my own machine.



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