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Re: Chrony mailing list needs a home

On 05-May-2001 Roland Bauerschmidt wrote:
> John Hasler wrote:
>> The chrony mailing list is a "Yahoo Group" at the moment.  This less than
>> optimal.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look for a (free)
>> home?
> Sourceforge?

Register your project at http://sourceforge.net, and you'll get all the nice
stuff they give, like CVS access, shell access (to a compile farm, even), a
pretty decent storage space, that can get bigger if you really need it (100mb+,
iirc), and freedom to create mailing lists for your project. But, if you don't
need all that stuff, I think you can ask the listmaster to create a list for
you right under lists.debian.org, since some projects (like the V C++ GUI
Framework) are using the server for their own lists. And, since you're from
debian and all that, it makes it much easier. I don't remember the exact
procedure to request a new list, hopefully someone will step in and give the

> Roland
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> Roland Bauerschmidt

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