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Debian job in Boston US [nowhere better to post?]

I asked a couple of developers, and there seems to be nowhere better
to post until debian-jobs is up; sorry if this is annoying.

I *really* need a Debian-capable person to help offload me at work.

There is a $1000 referral for anyone who finds us this person; I'd
love to see that go to some deserving Debian developer.  So if you
know anyone at all, do tell.


  We're seeking a Debian developer to own our in-house customized
  Debian network and BitKeeper-based version control/build system, and
  to contribute to systems programming projects in support of our
  product*.  Perl, CGI.pm, C, and ideally glib experience required;
  examples requested.

  A formal Debian developer isn't strictly required -- an experienced
  Debian user with the necessary scripting/admin skills will be able
  to figure everything out easily enough.  

  We're in the Boston area; specifically Tewksbury.  It's about 20
  minutes from Cambridge/Somerville/etc.

  See also http://www.picante.com/~gtaylor/hiring.html

* Networking equipment for third-generation cellular networks.
  Suffice it to say that it runs Linux, and it's *big* ;)

Grant Taylor - gtaylor<at>picante.com - http://www.picante.com/~gtaylor/
   Linux Printing Website and HOWTO:  http://www.linuxprinting.org/

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