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Re: dm management of wm listings (kdm/gdm/etc..)

On Thu, 3 May 2001, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:

>   Problem:  Desktop Managers like kdm and gdm support Window Manager listings
>             so that users can choose what they want to login in using.  There
>             currently is no common way for wm's to register themselves with
>             each/any/all dm's that may be installed on the system.
>   Solution?: create a program (update-dm?) that would pull the current list

Why not use the Menu System. There are already items for changing the
current window manager like

?package(icewm):command="/usr/bin/X11/icewm" icon="none" needs="wm" \
               section="WindowManagers" title="IceWM"

which most of the small and nice Window-Managers implement cleanly.  (At
least in potato)

Why not us this info?

  Bernhard R. Link

(I already thought of changing wdm to use this, when I'm done with the
strange radius/nis-combination I have to cope with actually).

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